Seasoned Firewood

Wood drying (also seasoning lumber or wood seasoning) refers to reducing the moisture content of wood prior to its use.

Wood burning – Typically when burning wood it is best to dry it. Moisture affects the burning process leading to unburnt hydrocarbons being released into the atmosphere.

Wood is divided, according to its botanical origin, into two kinds: Softwoods from coniferous trees and hardwoods from broadleaved trees. Structurally softwoods are generally simple in structure and lighter whereas hardwoods are generally complex in structure and harder.

So what is seasoning? Essentially it is making wood fit for burning – by reducing its water content – usually by leaving it for a period of time in the right conditions. All wood contains water. Freshly-cut wood can be up to 45% water, while well-seasoned firewood generally has a 20–25% moisture content. Well seasoned firewood is easier to light, produces more heat, and burns cleaner. have bags of firewood from as little as £20 including free delivery within the Kingdom of Fife. Contact us for further details.

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